Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Got a Mission?

Mission in the Medical Practice
A mission statement is a short, descriptive phrase or sentence that is easy to remember and illustrates the business’ goals and purpose. A mission statement is very personal, and it should be solid.

For those of you that have never developed a mission statement or attended a mission retreat to define what the practice is all about, what it represents, and how it will exhibit that definition, read on.

For Physicians: Strategies to Market Yourself

Marketing the medical practice
Marketing is more than just “sleazy, used-car dealership” commercials and tasteless slogans. It’s simply planning and delivering a high-value, patient-friendly atmosphere in such a way that the entire community identifies your name with quality medicine.

If you’ve never really marketed yourself before, here are five suggestions for physicians (or their office managers or hospital managers responsible for marketing practices) :

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Noncompete Clauses May Not Restrict You

Noncompete ClausesNoncompetition clauses don’t always accomplish what the employer intended. Usually the employer includes language in an employment agreement that says, “If you leave our company, you agree not to go to work with another employer (including yourself) in a way that directly competes with us.” But poorly written contracts— especially over-restrictive agreements—often fail to hold up in court.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Don't End Up on the Losing Side of Company Issued Credit Cards

Tempting credit card offers with low interest rates and bonus points flood your home mailbox from week to week. The card companies have increasingly targeted your medical practice for hard-to-resist offers, too.

A credit card can be a useful tool for running a business, but it can open the door for abuse on a grand scale.

Abusers usually come in two varieties: upper-level managers and owners, who often blur the lines between personal and business expenses; and mid- and lower-level managers, who tend to slip into misuse of company credit cards—almost unintentionally.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Marketing Elements and the Patient Pleasers to Include in the Web Site

A Web site remains one of the best values for a medical office’s marketing dollar. Its contribution to promoting the practice is unique among the many ways to advertise and market your services. A well-designed Web site serves as a great “equalizer.” On the Internet, a multi-billion-dollar corporation and a small physician-owned practice can look remarkably similar. It increases the practice’s “presence” both in the patient’s perception, and in the way it draws the patient into the Web content. A Web page lets the practice tell far more about itself and increase patients’ comfort level even before they visit for the first time.