Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For Job Descriptions "Other Duties as Assigned" Isn’t Enough in Current Medical Practice

Job Descriptions
According to compensation experts relying too heavily on the age-worn tagline " . . . and other duties as assigned" can seriously decrease a job description’s effectiveness. If you believe a particular task is essential to a staff member’s job, specify it in the written job description.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Is Your Practice Prepared for a Medical Office Emergency?

handling emergencies in the medical practice
Medical practices, especially primary care practices, are generally ill prepared for the various kinds of emergencies that can occur right in the office.

There is considerable debate regarding what constitutes minimal preparedness for a doctor’s office. Some associations publish a list of the minimum requirements for a practice. Consult your individual specialty society for preparedness suggestions for your medical specialty. Each office should develop its own standards based on factors like staff skill levels, distance from the nearest emergency department, and availability of local emergency services.

Monday, April 14, 2014

6 Strategies for Marketing on a Budget

Medical Practice MarketingIf your practice is experiencing more than an occasional gap in the schedule or a reduction in new patient volume you are not alone. Despite healthcare being a resilient industry, it is feeling the pinch of the national economy. Certainly the higher deductible insurance plans are another sting for medical practices, resulting in patients thinking twice before they pick up the phone and call the doctor. Many are turning to home remedies in an attempt to eliminate that trip to the doctor; others are postponing their annual check-up, a visit to the specialist, or surgery that can be put off for awhile.

It’s hard to think about putting out marketing dollars when your own revenue is declining, so what can you do to keep your practice humming and attracting patients when things may look a little dismal?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ways to NOT Practice Defensive Medicine

Defensive Medicine
Depending on which study you review, from 55% to 93% of physicians report that they feel compelled to practice “defensive medicine” in the form of ordering unnecessary diagnostic tests, referring patients to specialists or subspecialists earlier than necessary, restricting their practices to avoid higher-risk patients, prescribing more medications than necessary, and recommending invasive procedures that might not be medically necessary.