Thursday, August 14, 2014

A New "Club" for Practice Management Professionals

There's a new "club" for medical practice professionals called "The Medical Practice Managers Network (MPM Network®), with the mission to provide an arsenal of educational materials for the personal and professional growth of healthcare professionals.

The benefits are truly impressive. They include:

Please read this letter from Nancy Collins, President of Greenbranch Publishing & Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management® (MPM) to learn more and understand why.
Dear Practice Management Professional,

Why would I give away $1,100 worth of practice management tools for just $147?
Because I'm committed to developing the skills and careers of practice management professionals. It's why I publish MPM and have built the MPM Network® of practice professionals. We, at Greenbranch Publishing, honor and celebrate you, the backbone of the medical practice. 
Whether a private practice, an academic practice, or a hospital practice, we understand the value and knowledge you bring to the organization. Office managers and administrators tell me how much they value Greenbranch Publishing's educational materials. They also tell me how reading the JMPM and FAST Practice elevates their standing in the practice, giving them the professional clout to win serious consideration for their ideas from physicians and colleagues.

I've published The Journal of Medical Practice Management® for over 25 years and I know what a difference the journal can make. Frankly, the journal has become a truly essential tool in helping practice managers meet today's unprecedented financial and regulatory challenges. That's why I've decided to do all I can to help you keep MPM and our Greenbranch Publishing resources at work for your practice and your career.

The coming year will bring profound challenges that you'll be on the line to meet. The MPM Network® will help you by bringing the best in medical practice management experts on accounts receivable and reimbursement, legal issues, risk management, HIPAA, human resources, coding, IT reimbursement, ICD-10 and general business management. By using our practice management resources, you'll gain years of real-world experience plus insights into today's newest practice management solutions. With this special $147 price to be part of the "Club," I'm hoping you'll leverage our offerings to work for you throughout the year.

Oh, and one final and considerable benefit - all club members have a 25% discount, always, on all Greenbranch Publishing books and webinars. I look forward to continuing to help you and your practice grow.


For more information on the MPM Network® club, visit this link or call 800-933-3711.

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