Monday, August 25, 2014

Medical Practice Marketing to Female Patients and Their Relatives

women make medical decisions
One statistic in American medicine remains constant: Women far outnumber men as medical decision-makers. Forty percent of all patients are female; and even when a man shows up at your office for treatment, it’s highly likely that it was at the urging of a significant woman in his life. Women represent a center of influence that can make or break your marketing efforts.

Women represent the majority of people seeking health information online and in print; they account for twice the healthcare expenditures of men, and they are far more likely than their male counterparts to talk about their experiences at your office.
Clearly, the most successful marketing strategies for physician practices pay careful attention to women’s needs and preferences, and focus their efforts in that direction.

The time-worn adage “When Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy!” applies in the medical practice in ways that might surprise the casual onlooker. Women’s healthcare providers generally understand the need to reach out to women, and many pediatricians and family medicine specialists get it, too. But what about specialties with a higher percentage of male patients: the sports medicine clinic, the urologist, or the developing men’s health specialist? Studies show that a significant majority of male patients decide to see a doctor only after a significant female in their lives pushes them. influencers. 

Consider adding strategies like:
  • Offer a talk at the hospital or a local women’s civic group on “Health Issues Facing the Men in Your Life,” or a narrower topic with the same spin. 
  • Provide specific Web pages on your site that approach men’s health from a concerned woman’s viewpoint—ask a local OB/GYN group if you can put a link on its Web site. 
  • Run a print ad that catches a woman’s attention. For example, a urologist might introduce awareness of benign prostatic hyperplasia with: “Do your husband’s trips to the bathroom keep you up at night?” 
Make sure your male-oriented medical office has a d├ęcor that women will find pleasing, too. Once you understand this concept, adapt it for your particular situation. Think creatively. Hire a female marketing specialist to help you see your practice through a woman’s eyes. Figure out how to attract a woman’s attention, demonstrate your sensitivity to her needs, and offer ways to help her approach the males in her life regarding her concern for their health issues.

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