Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Your Practice Should Use YouTube for Branding and Marketing

YouTube in the Medical Practice
Effective use of YouTube
in the medical practice.
(image courtesy of Dr. Neil Baum)
The goal for using YouTube for marketing is attracting and engaging the patient who is the best fit for your healthcare practice. The goal is not to develop a video that goes viral.

How is this accomplished? Think of using the video format to give your potential patients digestible bits of credible and compelling content that helps solve their problems or helps to answer their most important questions. For a medical practice, a video could be something like an overview of psoriasis diagnosis, physical therapy guidelines for shoulder pain, vaccine guidelines, flu season patient education. A great example of a physician who fully (and appropriately) uses the power of this new media is Dr. Neil Baum, a urologist in New Orleans. His YouTube channel can be found here

Make sure your expectations are reasonable. Do set up your own YouTube channel and plan on a continuing series of videos. One video will not change your business. Each video, however, increases the probability that you will be discovered by a prospective patient, to attract them to your practice, and to convert them from a prospect to a patient. 

YouTube, Bing, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and AOL are all search engines that patients use, so make sure you include key words in your video (and as tags around your video) that are the terms your patients are searching. Make sure patients can “find” your video. And for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), YouTube videos regularly appear at the top of Google and Bing search results. YouTube has a huge following; only Facebook exceeds YouTube in reach.

In addition to the search engines, drive additional traffic to your video through appropriate social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook Google+, blogs, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

In each video, set up suitable “calls to action” so you can drive patient traffic to your website or portal, where you can further explain your mission and explain, in detail, what your practice offers.

YouTube needs to be a component of your ongoing and regular marketing activities, an important tool for your online marketing presence.

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