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"The High-Performing Medical Practice: Workflow, Practice Finances, and Patient-Centric Care" New Book By Owen Dahl, MBA, LFACHE, CHBC

PHOENIX, Md. /PRNewswire/ -- It used to be that if you were a good physician, a profitable medical practice followed.  But today, there is too much uncertainty. It takes solid business tactics to run a profitable and high-quality practice.
Seize Control!  Change what you can within your organization.
Thousands of physicians and administrators have learned re-engineering skills through Owen Dahl's consulting and books.  In this new resource, The High-Performing Medical Practice:  Workflow, Practice Finances, and Patient-Centric Care (in print or eBook), https://greenbranch.com/store/index.cfm/product/2394_32/the-high-performing-medical-practice-workflow-practice-finances-and-patient-centric-care.cfm, Dahl has translated these principles into an easy-to-use book, with plenty of examples of how you and your team can re-engineer a healthcare practice.
  • The quandary of how to increase workflow – identifying the bottlenecks
  • The optimum patient experience (new patient and established patient) and how your patients define quality care
  • Effectively use the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to gauge your practice health
  • Use patient surveys to increase efficiency and quality
  • The relationship between recruiting and keeping good staff
  • Why cost-cutting alone won't improve your bottom line, but an understanding of the costs is crucial.
  • How Lean Six Sigma can significantly improve your workflow
  • Benefits of tech – but why computerizing processes doesn't necessarily lower costs and increase quality
  • How the move towards value-based reimbursement will impact you
  • Healthcare practice finances, revenue cycle management and patient responsibility
This book is chock-full of healthcare practice "truths."  It starts with an honest assessment and audit of the practice.  From there, Owen Dahl covers the essential "needs," of most any healthcare practice today, along with the roadmap of how to apply sound business wisdom effectively to get the results you need.
Table of Contents
Introduction and The Value Star Concept
Chapter 1:   An Honest Assessment of Your Healthcare Practice
Chapter 2:   Patients:  Customer Engagement, Surveys, and Patient-Focused Care
Chapter 3:   The People Factor:  Recruiting and Keeping Good Staff Members
Chapter 4:   Partnering, Communication, and the Supply Chain
Chapter 5:   Yes, Your Healthcare Practice is a Business
Chapter 6:   Practice Efficiency, Lean Six Sigma, and Effectiveness
Chapter 7:   Instill a Culture of a Learning Organization
Chapter 8:   Healthcare Practice Finances, RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) and Patient Responsibility
Chapter 9:   Benefits of Technology in Clinical Operations
Chapter 10: Your Practice Transition Roadmap
Chapter 11: The Opportunity for Practice Transformation
Chapter 12: The Culture of Your Healthcare Practice: Putting the Pieces Together
Chapter 13: Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and Conclusion
Owen J. Dahl, MBA, LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBB is a principal of Owen Dahl Consulting in The Woodlands, Texas and the Author of Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits, 2nd Edition, a guide to applying business fundamentals to the practice of medicine. His second book is an eBook complete with templates: Medical Practice Disaster Planning Guide. He also is the contributing author of popular books Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice and Integration of Behavioral Health into Medical Homes: A Rapid Implementation Guide. A nationally-known speaker on strategic planning, Lean and Six Sigma, culture, human resource management and the revenue cycle, Owen is also an independent consultant with the Medical Group Management Association, MGMA.
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